Luxury & VOLVO Buses and long coach journeys

Although preferences are entirely personal, long coach journeys can be very tiring, especially if one is to spend about 12 such hours in the day on an extended sightseeing tour. The long stretches in a coach get very boring and even if one has done very little physical exercise a strange kind of fatigue sets in. By the return leg, with a quarter of the journey still remaining, the tourist is usually in a state of praying for it to end.  


But long coach journeys can be a lot less tedious in Volvo Multi Axle 9400 series Buses, in either B8R or B11R versions. So what are the pluses in a day return excursion from Delhi to Agra by Volvo bus. To begin with, it has a wider body than all others in India, with just four seats (and not five) in a row – two on either side of a wide aisle. This not only makes it easier for passenger movement but provides seats of comfortable size for even really large people. Ergonomic design ensures comfort for even little ones. Further comfort comes by way of a climate control system (that is more than air-conditioning)  for every seat.  


These buses have a dampened front wheel suspension system, and full multi-axle suspension so jerks and bumps are not felt on the roughest of roads - just a gentle undulation. There are two (even three) television screens to provide easy viewing for all, and wide view windows for panoramic views; to relieve tedium.  Each seat has charging sockets for smart-phone addicts.  


The Volvo buses also have greater top speed and acceleration than others. This allows them to move faster on Expressways (and if necessary, overtake with more safety). Delhi to Agra by Volvo bus can trim the on-road part by two to three hours; allowing more time for sightseeing and cutting tedium.


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