Delhi to Agra Tour by Volvo bus

Delhi to Agra Tour by Volvo bus through Travel House Delhi

If you are wondering for a one day trip from Delhi, Agra is the best destination for you. “Travel House Delhi” will arrange the one day Volvo bus tour for you.

AGRA – The home of the one of the wonders of the world, the TAJ MAHAL.

Agra is  is a city on the banks of the river Yamuna in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, If you are a history buff or an architecture enthusiast, then you will love Agra in all its grandeur and glory.  Taj Mahal, the Agra Fort, & Fatehpur Sikri are the main destinations to visit. Agra is one of the most stunning city to visit in India for Indians & Foreigners.

Taj Mahal – It is the very first place visited in Agra in the tour. The TajMahal is known as the symbol of love. The name "Taj Mahal" was named on the name of Shah Jahan's wife - Mumtaz Mahal, which means "Crown of Palaces". It is situated near the bank of River Yamuna. The tomb is standing on a rectangular shaped stand with a huge gateway which has an arch and alcoves on either side of it. The Taj has a magical look from the exterior as well as in the interiors it has equally splendid artistic work done. The water channels and fountains at the entrance make the monument even more spectacular.

Fatehpur Sikri – In Delhi-Agra tour by Volvo, after Taj Mahal, the next visit would be Fatehpur Sikri. It was built in 1569 by the great Mughal emperor Akbar.  Fatehpur Sikri shows the other early Mughal structures, that exhibits the influence of both Muslim and Hindu architecture. Along with a private audience hall and houses, it also includes the palace of Akbar’s wife (Jodha Bai),

Agra Fort - It is also one of the most important place to visit in Agra. Agra Fort is also one of the most historical forts in India. The Agra fort is also mentioned in UNESCO World Heritage site. It is about 2.5 km northwest of the Taj Mahal that is called as its sister monument. As the Yamuna River originally flowed along the straight eastern - edge of the fort, so the emperors had their own bathing ghats here. It contains numbers of buildings, including vast underground sections, forming a city within a city.

Whether it is winter or summer, “Travel House Delhi” will arrange the one day A/C Volvo bus tour for you for your safe and comfortable journey.


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